Disaster Data Response

The CODATA TG for Linked Open Data for Global Disaster Risk Reduction regularly works with China GEO and other groups to assist in the provision of high-resolution satellite imagery in support of disaster response planning.  The CODATA/LODGD, China GEO Disaster Data Response (CDDR) Mechanism has been activated a number of times in recent years.

China GEO-CODATA LODGD supports New Year Flood Impact in Honiara http://www.codata.org/news/333/62/China-GEO-CODATA-LODGD-supports-New-Year-Flood-Impact-in-Honiara
The ChinaGEOSS data portal released for emergency response to Iraq-Iran Earthquake at early of Nov 14 http://www.codata.org/news/224/62/The-ChinaGEOSS-data-portal-released-for-emergency-response-to-Iraq-Iran-Earthquake-at-early-of-Nov-14
New Zealand Government thanks IRDR and CODATA Groups and China GEOSS for their help following 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake http://www.codata.org/news/154/62/New-Zealand-Government-thanks-IRDR-and-CODATA-groups-for-their-help-following-2016-Kaikoura-earthquake