Provision List of Candidates for CODATA Elections Announced

Date: Jun 9, 2016

At the forthcoming CODATA General Assembly, to be held on Sunday 11 September 2016
at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, at the start of International Data Week in Denver, Colorado, delegates representing CODATA members will be able to vote for candidates for the following positions: Secretary General, Treasurer and 'Ordinary Members' of the Executive Committee. 

As ‘Officers’, the Secretary General and Treasurer are play an important leadership role within CODATA.  The Secretary General and Treasurer are elected for four year terms, which may be renewed once if no other restrictions apply.  The CODATA Executive Committee comprises eight Ordinary Members and is elected in its entirety every two years.  Members may serve up to three two-year terms. 

Provisional List of Candidates

The Provisional List of candidates for this year’s election is now available, as is the full collection of nomination forms and candidates CVs.

We are fortunate to have a range of very strong candidates for all the positions available and there are no fewer than 15 candidates for the 8 places as Ordinary Members.  However, please see the Statement from the Nominating Committee below.

The CODATA constitution allows for additional candidates to added to the list.  For this to happen, the candidates must receive the nomination of at least four CODATA members.  Additional nominations, on the requisite form, should be sent to by the deadline of 31 July.

Statement from the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee thanks CODATA members for the nominations they have provided for candidates for election to the CODATA Executive Committee.  The nominations represent an experienced and geographically diverse set of candidates; however, the Nominating Committee is disappointed with the lack of female candidates (three out of fifteen for the Ordinary Membership of the Executive Committee).  Though the committee has the authority to add additional candidates to the provisional list, it did not think it appropriate to do this when there are already sufficient candidates nominated, and any process to add candidates outside of being nominated by CODATA members lacks transparency and is essentially undemocratic.
The CODATA Constitution allows for additional candidates to be nominated by at least four CODATA members, provided such nominations are received at least six weeks before the General Assembly. Therefore, the Nominating Committee would ask CODATA members to consider nominating additional candidates to add to the provisional list to help address the gender imbalance.