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CODATA member organisation for the Netherlands is the Research Data Netherlands (RDNL)

Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) is an alliance between 3TU.Datacentrum, DANS and SURFsara. Together, they support the accessibility and responsible reuse of scientific research data by offering a single point of expertise and contact to customers of data archiving services.

14 September 2014: SURFsara joins RDNL. From left to right: Wilma van Weezenbeek, Axel Berg, and Peter Doorn. © Annemiek van der Kuil The partners in Research Data Netherlands aim to fulfil a back-office function in the process of data curation: in other words to ensure that the research data delivered to them is permanently archived. The so-called front offices (university libraries, for example) deal directly with researchers and can advise them in ensuring that research data is accommodated in one of the archives. This means that the research data is permanently accessible and available for reuse.

The combining of the knowledge, skills and objectives of the partners within Research Data Netherlands creates a powerful back-office that can serve the front-offices efficiently. The front-offices and other parties, for example providers of technical infrastructure, benefit from a national expertise centre that can be accessed from a single point of contact: your partner in research data curation.

RDNL has been operational since May 2013 and is open to other partners with a back office in long-term data archiving. RDNL partners all have at least the Data Seal of Approval.

Illustration (c) RDNLRDNL is an alliance without an office building. The postal address of the acting chair is:
c/o Dr P.K. Doorn
P.O. Box 93067
2509 AB The Hague
The Netherlands

Main Contacts


Dr W.J.S.M. (Wilma) van Weezenbeek


Professional profile: LinkedIn; Twitter; Zoom info.


Dr P.K. (Peter) Doorn


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Dr A. (Axel) Berg


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Data issues and activities in the Netherlands

Essentials 4 Data Support cours - Illustration (c) RDNLRecent highlights

  • Data Management course: RDNL offers “Essentials 4 Data Support”, a course for front office data supporters. Data supporters help researchers to save, manage, archive and share their data. At the end of the course, participants will know the different stages in the life cycle of scientific research data and the corresponding management actions and facilities. The blended training is offered several times a year and the content is available under a CC-BY-SA licence.
  • The Dutch Data PrizeRDNL awards the Dutch Data Prize to researchers who bring together data, document data and make data accessible to others. The prize is awarded every two years. 

Future activities and events

In 2016 RDNL will continue the research data management (RDM) training “Essentials 4 Data Support” and will award the Dutch Data Prize. As of 2016 there will be three Data Prizes: one for the humanities and social sciences, one for exact and technical sciences, and one for big data. Initiated by the umbrella organisation of the Dutch universities, SURFsara will support the coordination of the various Research Data Management development in The Netherlands, to increase efficiency and coherence.

Past Achievements

When DANS was established by the two Dutch science organisations KNAW and NWO, they assigned it the task of developing a Seal of Approval for data, to ensure that archived data can still be found, understood and used in the future. In 2008, the first edition of the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) was presented in an international conference.

In spring 2009, the DSA was handed over to an international Board. Currently (November 2015) over fifty data repositories have been assigned the DSA, and several European Research Infrastructure Consortiums (ERICs) promote this certification among their members. RDNL partners all have at least the Data Seal of Approval. For more information about the DSA Guidelines see here.

Further information

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