Computing Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

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The Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a support institution involved in constructing and operating IT infrastructure and providing IT-related services. In addition, it serves as an R&D and demonstration base for e-technology applications.

CNIC was founded in 1995 in connection with the establishment of the National Computing and Networking Facility of China (NCFC). Within the framework of the NCFC, CNIC participated in every step of the early development of China’s Internet, including China’s fully functional access to the international Internet (as the 77th country) in April 1994. One month later, China’s national-level domain “.cn” came into use with the installation of China’s first domain server.



The goal of CNIC is to lead the way in establishing and supporting “e-science” in China. By “e-science” we mean the use of IT resources in all aspects of scientific research to improve efficiency and enhance scientific achievement. CNIC is also committed to serving the management of CAS by supporting its IT needs. CNIC aims to rank among the world’s top supercomputing centers, data centers and science research networks. Realization of our goal relies on more than 700 employees and over 160 graduate students, all of whom work diligently together in an interdisciplinary manner.


Recent activities and outputs

CNIC has already basically established a secure and reliable cyber-infrastructure that includes a science and technology network, supercomputing environment, data resource platform, public outreach platform and CAS’s Academia Resource Planning system. In the following Full Details subpage are key data about CNIC (current as of November 2013). Please click here to get access to it. 


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