CODATA Supporting Organizations

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Defense Technical Information Center
Mr. R. Paul Ryan

Science & Technology Information Center (SCITIC), Egypt
Mrs. Hoda A. El-Sharawy 

Springer Verlag GmbH
Dr. Hubertus von Riedesel

All Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (VINITI)
Academician Arsky

National Library of Medicine
Ms Betsy Humphreys

National Archives and Records Administration
Dr. Vivek Navale

Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Chang Li


Mr. Albert Truyol

Chemical Abstracts Service
Mr. K. Schwall

Fachinformationszentrum Chemie, GmbH (FIZCHEMIE)
Mr. Réne Deplanque

Japan Association for International Chemical Information(JAICI)
Dr. Shigeo Tsuyama

Russian Research Center for Standardization, Information & Certification of Materials (VNITS SMV)

STROYTEKS Group of Companies
Mr. Vladimir Semenikhin




Centre de Documentation de l'Armement, Paris (CEDOCAR)
Mr. Jean Pierre Porta

Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear Design
Eng. Elisabeth Braz Pereira Gomes 

Institute for Physical Property Data (DIPPR)
Dr. George H. Thomson

Engineering Information, Inc.

National Centre for Science Information (N.C.S.I.)
Prof. Giridhar Madras

Office of Japan Society for CODATA, Japan Society of Information & Knowledge (Japanese)
Dr. Kichiya Gosho

Protein Data Bank
Dr.Helen Berman