FAIR Data Training

Advancing education and training in the science of data and data stewardship is an important part of the CODATA strategy. Important activities include the CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science and the regular CODATA China Training Workshops. As well as convening such training activities, CODATA is concerned to assist with advancing and coordinating understanding of training requirements and formalising competence frameworks for data science and data stewardship. The following - very closely related - activities have been undertaken recently in support of this objective:

  • The Objectives, Scope and Activities of a Possible GO TRAIN Implementation Network: on Friday 3 February 2017, CODATA hosted a workshop at the International Council for Science with the objective 'to inform the activities and focus of a possible GO TRAIN Implementation Network (IN) as part of the wider GO FAIR initiative.’ Collaboration to develop a shared view of training requirements, coordination of competence frameworks and improved discoverabilty of training materials were important themes.
  • The workshop to establish a GO FAIR Training Frameworks Implementation Network, held in Leiden on 26 January 2018 was a continuation of this activity and explored the following themes: 'developing an appropriate curriculum framework, approaches for endorsing developed materials and organisations teaching the materials, and developing a train-the-trainer programme'.
  • CODATA is a partner in the European Commission funded FAIRsFAIR project, making a major contribution to the establishment of a virtual competence centre. Formalising competence framework for data science and data stewardship, trialling data stwardship training as part of the CODATA-RDA Schools and developing and implementing a train-the-trainer programme are key parts of this work.
  • A terminology for FAIR Stewardship Skills Workshop, CODATA, Paris, 20-21 May 2019. On 20-21 May 2019, representatives of the research data community met at the CODATA headquarters in Paris to take the first steps in building a terminology to describe FAIR stewardship skills (the skills necessary to make data FAIR and keep them FAIR). For more information see the workshop summary and follow #terms4FAIRskills on twitter. To get involved contact terms4FAIRskills@codata.org and complete this form.