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Special Issue: Open Data for Global Science


Open Data for Global Science: A Review of Recent Developments in National and International Scientific Data Policies and Related Proposals OD1-OD3
Paul F. Uhlir
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[PDF (375K)

  PART ONE: Recent International and National Governmental Data Policy Developments

OECD Principles and Guidelines for Access to Research Data from Public Funding OD4-OD11
Dirk Pilat and Yukiko Fukasaku
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[Abstract] [PDF (519K)

Database Protection in Europe — Recent Developments and Modest Proposal OD12-OD20
Robert Clark
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[Abstract] [PDF (557K)

Open Access to Scientific Data: Promoting Science and Innovation OD21-OD25
Guan-Hua Xu
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[Abstract] [PDF (564K)

Canadian National Consultation on Access to Scientific Research Data OD26-OD35
Michel Sabourin and Bernard Dumouchel
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[Abstract] [PDF (559K)

PART TWO: Analysis of Data Policy Issues

Open Data for Global Science OD36-OD53
Paul F. Uhlir and Peter Schröder
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[Abstract] [PDF (942K)

Biomedical Data Sharing, Security and Standards OD54-OD57
Belinda Seto and James Luo
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[Abstract] [PDF (504K)

Big Opportunities in Access to "Small Science" Data OD58-OD66
Harlan Onsrud and James Campbell
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[Abstract] [PDF (519K)

Possible Downsides to Data Sharing in the Research Commons: Assets and Liabilities, Opportunities and Risks OD67-OD70
Peter Schröder
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007
[Abstract] [PDF (498K)


Correction made by the Authors ES1
Release Date: 29-Jun-2007



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