Dr. Seamus Ross

Seamus Ross, Director of Humanities Computing and Information Management at the University of Glasgow, runs HATII. He is also Director of ERPANET (Electronic Resource Preservation and Network) (IST-2001-32706) a European Commission Funded Accompanying Measure to enhance the preservation of cultural heritage and scientific digital objects. He is a lead partner in The Digital Culture Forum (DigiCULT Forum, IST-2001-34898), which monitors and assess the research and technological developments in and for the cultural heritage sector in Europe.

Previously he was Assistant Secretary for Information Technology at the British Academy, and before that worked for a company specialising in expert systems and software development, as a software engineer and then in management. He researches, lectures, and publishes widely on information technology and digital preservation.

He acts as ICT advisor to the Heritage Lottery Fund and is a monitor for a number of large ICT-based projects in the UK. He is a member of a number of international organisations including the DLM- Monitoring Committee of the European Commission and InterPARES II. During 2002 he is co-chairing with Professor Margaret Hedstrom of the University of Michigan the EU(Delos)/NSF working group on digital archiving and preservation, which is defining the future research agendas that should be funded in this area. In 2001/2 he contributed to the review of Information Society Activities for the Swiss Government and he contributed to the development during the Swedish, Belgian, and Spanish Presidencies of the European Union which each resulted in a resolution being adopted by the Member States in the areas of digitisation, digital preservation, and information quality.