International Training Workshop for Developing Countries on Big Data for Science

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The International Training Workshop for Developing Countries on Big Data for Science was held at Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) from 4-20 June, 2014. There were 21 researchers, data managers, and data scientists from 10 developing countries including Vietnam, India, Mongolia, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenyan, Tanzania, Columbia, Brazil and Uganda attended this training workshop. 

Group photo of all participants

The International Training Workshop was co-sponsored by CODATA and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), co-organized by CODATA Secretariat, CNIC, Chinese National Committee for CODATA (CODATA-China). The training program offered aims to engage participants with a number of facets of data science and data management in the Big Data age. Topics include, but are not limited to, interdisciplinary applications of data intensive research, data management policies, cloud computing, visualization and data infrastructure development in the Big Data Age. It focused on data science and data management in the Big Data Era. Through a mix of theoretical study, attending Workshop on Big Data for International Scientific Programmes: Challenges and Opportunities and practical sessions as well as field visits, it helped participants catch the latest Big Data technologies and information.

Opening CeremonyThere are four phases of this Training Workshop:
Phase I: Warming up and academic Lectures
Phase II: Infrastructure, Technology and Tools
Phase III: Best Practice and Case Study in Different Disciplinary 
Phase IV: Hands-on and Closing Ceremony

All the participants gave presentation and shared their experience and interest from this Training Workshop as follows:

  • AdOne: An open framework for data integrating, sharing and publishing
  • INPE Spatial Data Infrastructure for Big Spatiotemporal Data Sets
  • CODATA Training Workshop: Overview of things learned and further actions
  • EmerDevCoSciPub Index: Interoperability of Scientific Journal Databases for Scientific Comunity Among Emerging and Developing Countries
  • Towards Establishing a National Agricultural Research Activity Database
  • The issues of ‘big data’ management for a 'big' country like India
  • Lessons Learnt From The Big Data
  • Lessons learnt from the Big data workshop
  • CODATA training workshop
  • Bridging Offline Word with the Online World- Association Rule Mining


Certificate Award Ceremony

See also: CODATA International Training Workshop in Big Data for Science, for Researchers from Emerging and Developing Countries, Call for Applications, March 2014


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