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Welcome to the Canadian National Committee for CODATA

The Mycotox file contains a list of fungi, the mycotoxins they have been found to produce, and citations to the articles which describes this finding.

Mycotox is a list of fungi that have been reported to produce toxic metabolites, or metabolites closely related chemically to such toxins. It is intended for use by mycologists and chemists and assumes a working knowledge of mycology and/or natural product chemistry by its users.[1]

Current version:  2009 January 25 (Click to download. Total size: 235 kb)

References relating to this dataset:

[1] A mechanical search and retrieval system for mycotoxins. D. Brewer and A. Taylor. Proc. N.S. Inst. Sci. (1978) v. 28, pp. 163-169. (Registered CISTI clients: Go directly to Order form)

[2] Assembly and utilization of a database of fungal cultures held in Canadian collections. D. Brewer, K. Schwartzentruber, A. Taylor. Proc. N.S. Inst. Sci. (1989) v. 38, Part 3, pp. 79-98. (Registered CISTI clients: Go directly to Order form)

Additional references and resources

This data set is updated regularly and has been available by Dr. A. Taylor. It is not available in print form. Inquiries, or offers to collaborate on this project, may be directed to Dr. Taylor through the Secretariat of the Canadian National Committee for CODATA (CNC/CODATA)

This file is referenced in the Online Catalogue of the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, National Research Council of Canada.