Who are members of CODATA?

  • National Members: A scientific academy, research council, scientific institution or association of such institutions, which has activities in scientific data evaluation and compilation.
  • Regional Members: An international body, representing a group of nations on the basis of some regional or other relationship, which has activities in scientific data evaluation and compilation.
  • Union Members: Each scientific union federated in ICSU, which expresses an interest in the scientific data program of CODATA.
  • Affiliate Members: An commercial or not-for-profit organisation that, at an national or an international level, has an interest in scientific data.
  • Co-opted Members: An international organization wholly or predominantly in work covered by the objectives of CODATA.


How is CODATA governed?

Each National, Regional, Union, Affiliate or Co-opted Member designates a delegate to represent it to CODATA. Every two years, a General Assembly is held, which consists of delegates of members. The workings of CODATA membership and governance are laid out in the CODATA Constitution.


How is CODATA supported?

Each National and Regional Member pays annual dues based on the financial categories set by the General Assembly. These categories reflect the size of a member as well as the extent of the scientific activity.  CODATA is also supported by contributions from its Affiliate Members.  Additionally, CODATA is involved in research, infrastructure and development projects and raises funds for specific activities through grants, sponsorship and similar sources.


Who Governs CODATA?

CODATA has elected Officers and an Executive Committee who govern its affairs between General Assembly meetings.