20th International CODATA Conference

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22nd International CODATA Conference
Scientific Data and Sustainable Development
24-27 October 2010, Cape Town, South Africa

High Level Session Presentations - F

    High Level Session F1:
Data Publishing in the Context of the ICSU World Data System (WDS)
    Chair: Michael Diepenbroek and Mikhail Zgurovsky

  • Data Publishing in the Context of the ICSU World Data System (WDS)
    Michael Diepenbroek
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

  • Data Centre-Library Co-operation in Data Publication in Ocean Science
    Roy Lowry
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

  • Integrating Data with Publications: Greater Interactivity and Challenges for Long-Term Preservation of the Scientific Record
    Brian McMahon
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

  • Persistent Identifiers & Catalogues - A Library's Perspective
    Jan Brase
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

    High Level Session F2:
Co-ordinating Data Standards: The Perspective of Scientific Unions
    Chair: Lesley Wyborn

  • A new role for CODATA in Harmonizing the Data Standards Activities of the International Science Bodies
    Lesley Wyborn
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

  • The IUGS Approach to Standards Leadership : The Commission for Geoscience Information (CGI)
    John Broome
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

  • The IUGG Union Commission on Data and Information - UCDI
    Peter Fox
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

  • The Role of the IAU in Managing the Petabytes of Astronomical Data
    Ray Norris
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

  • Data Standards within IUPAC and the role of CPEP
    Robert Lancashire
    [Abstract] - [Presentation]

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