19th International CODATA Conference
Category: Infoscience

The process to develop new browser for future web environment

Tetsuo Miyoshi (tmiyoshi@qs.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp), Hisashi Takamatsu, Shin Nakane, and Shuichi Iwata
University of Tokyo, Japan

In making a team project, each of our team has to build an agreement in demand, incentives and interests. In recent days, high-capacity storages (ex.
SAN), high-speed and low-cost internet infrastructures (ex. ADSL or FTTH) and high-performance CPUs are available. But in this highly-informated and high-speed society, we must to build an agreement with accounting of massive data, outcomes from statistical data analysis, and even prediction of unavailable data. It's clear that we need solutions to cope with this difficulty in this massive information era. Many browsers which have high usability interface and optimized to specific data is one of the answer. But this kind of browsers have critical problem. we have to open many pages and evaluate one by one manually even if the information displayed in the page is junk. Semantic web framework strategy, represented by RSS news reader, is another trial. But this past-time framework didn't constructed to handle with current web environments on which we, end-users can easily transmit individual idea, opinion and belief with weblog or personal website. In this report, for meeting our needs, we try to develop a new web browser. we think it will support us by providing integrative comprehension in members.