19th International CODATA Conference
Category: Infoscience

Monitoring System Of Web-Portal

Vladislav Chepurnov (chepurnov@mail.ru), Evgeny Vjazilov, Sergey Belov, Sergey Sukhonosov
All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information v World Data Centre, Russia

Web-portal of Union system about situation in World Ocean (http://data.meteo.ru:8080/resource/index.jsp) have been created for integration of information resources in field oceanography and marine activity. Users may interact with all application in union information space via different communication devices that use various data transfer protocols. Huge volume of different information is sprawled between numbers of resource providers, vast quantity of services, great number of customers v all it is needed in instrumental facilities that give abilities to manage a processes in portals. Without this manage is impossible the further development of portal, because the growing complexity of application on portal and heterogeneity of information resources is demand growing numbers of support workers. The portal monitoring system is consisted of the gather system and the analytic system. The gather system collecting all needed parameters of functioning the portal. The analytic system making full analyze of processes in portal. The monitoring system give full and trust information about as functioning of portal as whole (the count of visitor or the quantity of used resources), as highly specialized (time of response to a resource). The result analyze of characteristics functioning portal is needed classified on the decision classes. In general may pick out the two class of decision v the operative decisions and the strategic decisions. For support operative decisions is needed analyze of real time characteristics. For support strategic decisions is needed analyze reports. Data flow about characteristics functioning of portal pass via manager of monitors, and after accumulate in database. The visualizing of monitoring results analyze is be realized in real time via common web browse as web console of portal administrator in graphical view. This will give ability clearly imagine the status of information and computing portal resources. Report is intuitive, understandable, and has standardized view, thus they give estimation by similar criteria and ability easy understanding the full suit. The instrumental facilities of portal allow make report by any time period, by any characteristic functioning and also give forecast further evolution of this characteristic. Forecasting is making by use accumulated statistic date and decision rules. Developed facilities give improvements of ESIMO portal management, which give abilities for more qualities supplying of information resources.

Keywords: Data integration, Knowledge management, Cataloguing data resources Environmental data integration, Water resources