19th International CODATA Conference
Category: Economic Development

Critical Analysis on APEC Energy Balance

Mr. Tjahjokartiko Gondokusumo (chpstar@telkom.net)
Functional Planner (Medial), Directorate General of Electricity and Energy Utilization,

The macro level issue on subjects related to scientific data perhaps will be best to utilize APEC Energy Statistics that the discrepancy was tried to measure. The results yearly were remains uncertainties. Discussion will focus on the data demand on electricity and heat. APEC as well as OECD Energy Balance has defined
CHP the combined heat and power.

In addition, the micro level issue on CHP also known as Cogeneration will be explored from Indonesian economic reforms. What will be the lost if ?power sector restructure? is translated as "electricity sector restructure." The unresolved questions are what the intellectual property of public electricity, of industrial boilers of private industries and of CHP (combined heat and power).

Furthermore, if cooperative CHP is defined, multipurpose dam will be utilized for a longer life cycle assessment. Finally, R&D infrastructure needs to be defined as classified as strategic and policy issues.