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Uniform Description System for Materials on the Nanoscale (v.1.0) Published

The CODATA-VAMAS Working Group on Nanomaterials has released version 1.0 of the Uniform Description System for Materials on the Nanoscale (UDS). This document, including a downloadable version and background information, is publically available at A tabular version of the technical dictionary will be available shortly.

This work is the result of the efforts of many people from a variety of disciplines and international perspectives. Over time, as new nanomaterials are developed and more nanoinformatics tools are released, the UDS will of course be expanded to include new knowledge.

We encourage you to submit your comments, corrections, and suggestions for improvement to Feel free to circulate this message to other interested parties.

If you wish to cite this work in a publication or digital resource, the suggested citation is given on the inside of the front cover.

We want to thank everyone who worked on this version as well as acknowledge the financial support of ICSU (the International Council for Science), CODATA (the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology) and VAMAS (the Versailles Project on Advanced Materials and Standards).

John Rumble:

Steve Freiman:

Clayton Teague:

ISI CODATA International Training Workshop on Big Data

CODATA and the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) - and other partners - will convene an International Training Workshop on Big Data. This will continue the emerging series of International Training Workshops which CODATA is seeking to establish with a variety of partners.  Recent training workshops have been held in Beijing, China and in Nairobi, Kenya.

The International Training Workshop will take place at the Indian Statistical Institute in Bangalore, India, on 9-20 March 2015. Places for roughly twenty students will be available.

Travel, subsistence and accommodation for participants from India will be provided through ISI. Interested participants should contact Devika P. Madalli <devika[AT]>.

Students from SAARC countries and from other countries in South Asia will be welcome. A limited number of scholarships supporting travel, accommodation and subsistence may be available. Further announcements will be made, however, interested parties should send a brief CV as soon as possible to Simon Hodson <execdir[AT]> and Devika Madalli <devika[AT]> and you will be contacted about scholarship opportunities.

Further details are available on the CODATA blog.

Research Data Netherlands Joins CODATA

At the CODATA General Assembly in New Delhi, Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) was welcomed as a new National Member of CODATA.

See the news story on the RDNL website:

CODATA focuses on improving the quality, reliability, management and accessibility of scientific research data and together its members represent all continents. Since other data organizations often operate at European level, the membership of CODATA is a great opportunity for RDNL to broaden its horizon. The fact that the back offices of 3TU.Datacentrum, DANS and SURFsara speak with one voice through Research Data Netherlands as a national partner is in turn appealing for international partnerships such as CODATA. Research Data Netherlands therefore looks forward to a fruitful cooperation within CODATA.

CODATA looks forward to collaboration with RDNL in a number of areas, including data policy issues and strategies for sustaining data infrastructures as well as exploring international dimensions of data issues, particularly associated with collaborative and interdisciplnary research.

CODATA General Assembly Elects New President and Executive Committee

The 2014 CODATA General Assembly was held on 6-7 November, at the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, following the SciDataCon Conference.  The General Assembly performs an important role in CODATA's governance and strategic planning.

This year's General Assembly saw the election of a new President, Geoffrey Boulton. After four years of service as President, Huadong Guo becomes Past-President for a term of two years. Takashi Gojobori and Niv Ahituv were elected as Vice Presidents, and new members of the Executive Committee were also elected. The CODATA Officers and Executive Committee are now as follows:


  • President: Geoffrey Boulton, UK
  • Past-President: Huadong Guo, China
  • Vice-Presidents: Takashi Gojobori, Japan and Niv Ahituv, Israel
  • Secretary General: Sara Graves, USA
  • Treasurer: John Broome, Canada

Executive Committee Members

  • Bonnie Carroll, USA
  • Anil Kumar, India
  • Paul Laughton, South Africa
  • DT Lee, China (Taipei)
  • LI Jianhui, China
  • Alena Rybkina, Russia
  • Mark Thorley, UK
  • Mary Zborowski, Canada

The new Executive Committee will hold its first face-to-face meeting at the ICSU Offices in Paris in early March.

Members of the New CODATA Executive Committee at INSA, New Delhi


CODATA Becomes a Participating Organisation of GEO

GEO LogoCODATA is delighted to have been recognised - today at the GEO-XI Plenary in Geneva - as a Participating Organisation of GEO, the Group on Earth Observations. As described on the CODATA blog earlier this year, CODATA has been deeply involved in a number of GEO activities and particularly the GEO Data Sharing Working Group. Hitherto, our participation has been under the ICSU umbrella - and with our sister organisation, the ICSU World Data System, we shall continue to represent ICSU as appropriate.

Given the contribution that CODATA has made to GEO and GEOSS it seems appropriate to be recognised as a Participating Organisation in our own right. The intention in becoming a PO is to officially and publicly register the support of CODATA, the CODATA Officers, Executive Committee, Members, Task Groups and Working Groups for GEO and GEOSS. It is hoped also that this step will provide additional means for CODATA to contribute expertise and stakeholders views to GEO’s activities and governance. We hope also to benefit through greater visibility and opportunities for collaboration with partners in the GEO community.

In 2014, we have had the following collaborations:


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